Bikescout project Fourtress


Radar technology

  • 17 October 2022
  • 5 min

"Fourtress renewed the Bikescout software from the ground up."

Cyclists or scooters emerging from nowhere at a crossing point; all too often they present a sudden danger. Motorists will often see them too late, and the cyclists are frequently unaware of their own vulnerability. The BikeScout, a Heijmans product, makes crossing the road safer.

Heijmans developed an intelligent system that contributes to the safety of cyclists. BikeScout is ‘intelligent’ in the sense that it continuously determines the speed and distance of approaching cyclists using radar technology. Based on this information, the system calculates the time it will take for the cyclist to reach the vehicle and it warns the motorist of the approaching cyclist (s). This warning is given using LED indication on the road surface. BikeScout also offers the option of viewing data from bicycle passages, such as numerical data, average speed and maximum speed, using a web application.

First generation BikeScout software was not expandable and was only used for test and demo applications. In addition, setting of the detection area was very labour intensive and time-consuming, as adjustments were needed for local conditions. As a consequence, Heijmans could not roll out the product on a larger scale or adjust it ‘over the air’.

Fourtress renewed the BikeScout software from the ground up and increased its stability. For this, a new hardware platform was used, among other things, and a new detection algorithm was developed. This algorithm makes system configuration, installation and adjustment very easy, anywhere in the world. The product is, therefore, no longer in the prototype stage and is now offered installers in several locations (nationally and internationally). In this way, BikeScout has become a fully-fledged solution for Heijmans.

The software has been set up in a modular way, and as a result derivative products for measuring and monitoring flows of cyclists through urban areas are now available. More complicated crossings where cyclists and motorists meet can be made safer with a combination of these technologies.

A complete BikeScout system has now been installed at the offices of Fourtress in Eindhoven. As a result, cyclists can safely cross the roundabout at the Beemdstraat, Meerenakkerweg and Kasteellaan